Getting old is hard to do.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I can’t believe how old that sounds. Worse yet, I can’t believe how old I feel sometimes. For goodness sake, I have a kid. Good thing he makes getting old so much sweeter. With every passing day I watch him grow and develop. I love him more and more. Thanks kid!



The Kneib Family Update.

I decided to give this blogging thing another whirl. Firstly an update on the fam.

Darren is working full-time at Whirlpool and going to school full-time at Northeastern State University. He is majoring in Environmental Health and Safety Management. He mountain bikes most Saturday mornings and dreams of living by the mountains one day.

I am currently a full-time stay-at-home Mom. Oh yeah, I’m a mom now. We had a kid. James was born August 07, 2013. That makes him seven months old now. He is the pizza of our eye. I do the mom thing. You know, poop handling, baby snuggling and face making. It rocks.

We are living happily in Darren’s childhood home in Owasso, Oklahoma with our two doggies Mia and Zoey, and my pet rat Arwen.

That’s life in short and it is beautiful.

…and then there were three!

Yep! We’re expecting! James Darren is due to arrive August 6th, 2013.